Fudgy Brownie with Black Sesame Ice Cream

Culinary Olympics champion Danna Vu whips together a sweet, fudgy dessert with a hint of Asian influence.

Words by Sophie Miskiw. Photography by Johan Ståhlberg. Brownie by Danna Vu.

“I love chocolate, and I love working with ingredients that come from the ‘kitchen pantry’ - and not only from the ‘pastry pantry’. By combining the two pantries, the pastries and desserts become so much more interesting. Hazelnut and chocolate is a classic and delicious combination but I wondered why not try with another type of nut, or seed? Maybe black sesame!”

What you need

Sesame cream with whipped crème fraiche

100g Black sesame seeds 100g Sugar 100g Whipped crème fraiche


84g Butter 168g Sugar 15g Cacao 12g Brown syrup 1 Egg 7g Vanilla sugar 7g Sea salt 84g Flour


90g Sugar 80g Cream 30g Egg yolks 65g Dark chocolate 65% 55g Butter

Black sesame ice cream

30g Black sesame seeds 150g Sugar 175g Water 400g Philadelphia cheese

Crisp pop rocks

200g Puffed quinoa 50g Pop rocks 150g Milk chocolate 38%

Dried chocolate

50g Cacao 50g Water 50g Sugar 5g Glucose

Salted caramel sauce

185g Glucose 185g Sugar 185g Milk 150g Butter 200g Cream 200g Milk chocolate 38% 6g Salt 200g Milk

“Sesame seeds are very nutty in taste, and chocolate works well with nuts and seeds.”

How to make it

Sesame cream with whipped crème fraiche

  1. Toast the sesame seeds, and then place them in a blender or food processor and grind them until smooth.

  2. Add the sugar. Whisk the crème fraiche until it reaches stiff peaks.

  3. Fold in with the sesame paste.


  1. Melt the butter, mix with the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Bake at 170°C.


  1. Heat the sugar and cream together.

  2. Temper with the egg yolks and then heat together until 82°C.

  1. Pour the mixture over the chocolate. Mix with a hand mixer until smooth and then gradually mix in with the butter.

  2. Pour over the baked brownie.

Black sesame ice cream

  1. Toast the black sesame seeds.
  1. Heat the sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved.

  2. Pour the hot syrup over the sesame seeds, mix and strain. Let cool.

  3. Mix the cold sesame syrup with the cheese. Churn with an ice cream machine.

Crisp pop rocks

  1. Melt the chocolate and then combine with the puffed quinoa and pop rocks.

Dried chocolate

  1. Heat everything except the cacao.

  2. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the cacao.

  3. Spread the mass over a silipa mat. Dry in a 100°C oven for 1 hour.

Salted caramel sauce

  1. Heat the glucose, sugar, milk and butter until they reach 148°C.

  2. Add the milk chocolate. Gradually add the cream and then strain.

  3. Add salt and lastly the 200g milk and stir until smooth.

How to put it all together

  1. Spread some of the sesame cream on the plate.

  2. Lay a piece of brownie on top.

  3. Add a scoop of sesame ice cream.

  1. Sprinkle the crisp pop rocks on top of the ice cream.

  2. Cover everything with the dried cacao sheets.

  3. Serve with the caramel sauce.


Words by Sophie Miskiw. Photography by Johan Ståhlberg. Brownie by Danna Vu.