Two in One: The Parfait That’s Also Your Postprandial Coffee

Small but satisfying. A closer look at Stefan Ekengrens' playfully-presented coffee and salted caramel parfait.

Words & photography by Johan Ståhlberg.

"I just love coffee in desserts", Stefan says as we sit down in his restaurant, popular Stockholm eatery Hantverket.

Laid out before us, on a rustic wooden board, is Hantverket’s latest showstopper. A creation that is the result of close collaboration between Stefan and the restaurant's sous chef, Oskar Mendelin, inspired by a lengthy chat in the car on their way home from work.

"We wanted to capture the flavours of a caramel latté, but in a more mature suit," Oskar says.

The idea was realised with this simple but beautiful take on the ice cream lolly. The white chocolate and cream cheese topping contrasts pleasingly against the rich backdrop of the salted caramel glaze. The sprinkling of cocoa nibs adds a playful touch, and gives a visual nod to a caramel latté.

The coffee flavour lends a more grown-up quality, but not so much that you can’t momentarily escape adulthood and embrace your inner child, just as Stefan and Oskar intended. A simple idea, whimsically - and creatively - brought to life.

Words & photography by Johan Ståhlberg.

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